Open Cluster Management has approximately a three to four month release cycle. The current release is v0.5.0. Continue reading to view upcoming releases:

v0.5.0, on 8th, November 2021

Open Cluster Management team is proud to annouce the release of OCM v0.5.0! We made several enhancements on APIs and addons which include:

In addition, we also release the first version of clusteradm to ease the installation of OCM, and addon-framework to ease the development of management addons on OCM.

To see details of the changelogs in this release:

There are 20+ contributors making contributions in this release, they are @elgnay, @haoqing0110, @hchenxa, @huiwq1990, @itdove, @kim-fitness, @mikeshng, @panpan0000, @philipwu08, @porridge, @qiujian16, @rokej, @skeeey, @suigh, @vincent-pli, @wzhanw, @xauthulei, @xiangjingli, @xuezhaojun, @yue9944882, @zhujian7, @zhiweiyin318. Thanks for your contributions!

v0.4.0 on August 2021