Make working with many Kubernetes clusters super easy regardless of where they are deployed

Open Cluster Management is a community-driven project focused on multicluster and multicloud scenarios for Kubernetes apps. Open APIs are evolving within this project for cluster registration, work distribution, dynamic placement of policies and workloads, and much more.

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Feature Overview

Cluster inventory

Registration of multiple clusters to a hub cluster to place them for management.

Work distribution

The work API that enables resources to be applied to managed clusters from a hub cluster.

Content placement

Dynamic placement of content and behavior across multiple clusters.

Vendor neutral APIs

Avoid vendor lock-in by using APIs that are not tied to any cloud providers or proprietary platforms.

Install management addons in different scenarios

Configure, secure, and manage your resources.

Policy and configuration management uses labels to help you deploy policies and control consistently across your resources. Keep your resources secure by using access control and manage for your quota and cost.

Launch apps everywhere.

Use application lifecycle to create your application and deliver hybrid apps across one or more clusters, while you keep up with changes.

Supported by

Open Cluster Management is a Cloud Native Computing Foundation sandbox project