What is Open Cluster Management?

Open Cluster Management is a community-driven project focused on multicluster and multicloud scenarios for Kubernetes apps. Open APIs are evolving within this project for cluster registration, work distribution, dynamic placement of policies and workloads, and much more.


Getting Started

Feature overview

Cluster registration

Registration of multiple clusters to a hub cluster to place them for management.

Work distribution

The work API that enables resources to be applied to the managed clusters from a hub cluster.

Content placement

Dynamic placement of content and behavior across multiple clusters.

Application lifecycle

Distributed application delivery across many clusters and the ability to deliver ongoing updates.

Governance, risk management, and compliance

Policy definition to ensure desired configuration and security settings are auditable or enforceable.

Vendor neutral APIs

Avoid vendor lock-in by using APIs that are not tied to any cloud providers or proprietary platforms.

Open community

An open and neutral initiative that welcomes all. Aiming to join the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) for shared governance.

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