Policy controllers

The Policy API on the hub delivers the policies defined in spec.policy-templates to the managed clusters via the policy framework controllers. Once on the managed cluster, these Policy Templates are acted upon by the associated controller on the managed cluster. The policy framework supports delivering the Policy Template kinds listed.

Configuration policy

The ConfigurationPolicy is provided by OCM and defines Kubernetes manifests to compare with objects that currently exist on the cluster. The action that the ConfigurationPolicy will take is determined by its complianceType. Compliance types include musthave, mustnothave, and mustonlyhave. musthave means the object should have the listed keys and values as a subset of the larger object. mustnothave means an object matching the listed keys and values should not exist. mustonlyhave ensures objects only exist with the keys and values exactly as defined.

Open Policy Agent Gatekeeper

Gatekeeper is a validating webhook with auditing capabilities that can enforce custom resource definition-based policies that are run with the Open Policy Agent (OPA). Gatekeeper ConstraintTemplates and constraints can be provided in an OCM Policy to sync to managed clusters that have Gatekeeper installed on them.