We know you’ve got great ideas for improving Open Cluster Management. So roll up your sleeves and come join us in the community!

Getting Started

All contributions are welcome! Open Cluster Management uses the Apache 2 license. Please open issues for any bugs or problems you encounter, ask questions in the #open-cluster-mgmt on Kubernetes Slack Channel, or get involved joining the open-cluster-management mailing group.

Contribute to the Source

Get Involved / File a Bug

Check out the project and consider contributing. You can pick up an issue to work on, or report a bug by creating a new issue here. When your code is ready to be reviewed, you can propose a pull request. You can find a good guide about the GitHub workflow here.

If you intend to propose an enhancement or a new feature in open-cluster-management, submit a pull request in the enhancements repo. The proposal should follow the kep format.

Certificate of Origin

By contributing to this project, you agree to the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO). This document was created by the Linux Kernel community and is a simple statement that you, as a contributor, have the legal right to make the contribution. See the DCO file for details.

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